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Analytics. And more analytics. Betting Major League Baseball has increasingly become the primary investment for professional sports bettors and traders for several reasons. First, the volume of games played allow for an enormous amount of data mining. Second, the liquidity on baseball bets is very high. Put another way, bettors no longer are limited to small wagers. Finally, the options on baseball have exponentially expanded. The average bookmaker offers bets that include wagering on the First 5 Innings, the whole game, team totals, Run-Lines, and the standard Game Money-Line bets.

Our approach

As in all sports, we apply a vigorous amount of time and resources in the tracking and development of statistics that scan the markets for value. We have staff assigned to specific wagering types in relationship to a teams and situations. For example, we pay close attention to a teams performance on the road and how they matchup against certain pitchers (Left vs. Right). By looking at this data, it allows us to to price the market before the oddsmakers makers do and take advantage of mis-priced events. These angles and particularly useful with Total Bets.

Different Picks Available

Depending on the source and method of picks, each release will fall into one of the following categories.

What Time Are Your Picks Released?

Anything we are releasing will be available by 5PM EST during the week and 10AM on the weekends.

What Are The Different Types Of Picks?

Beta, Alpha, and Delta. Take a look at the chart below to see the differences.


What makes this service different than an individual handicapper?

It’s entirely unrealistic for one handicapper to comb through the data we do. We have teams situated throughout the country working around the clock. There is no other service remotely close.

There are services that charge much less for picks, why are your prices higher?

You’re paying for quality, service, and transparency. In order to bring you this we have to pay for top talent and that is not cheap. It’s the cost of doing business.

I want to try this out, what do I do first?

If you have not already created an account, go here.

If you have, see below the list of available picks and recent performance records.


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